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We are Charlotte and Andy, after more than 2 decades of experience working for other businesses we decided in 2020 that we should start our own. We couldn't have picked a more unique time to establish a business!

Charlotte: I have worked in Customer Service roles for organisations both big and small, from Sales and Advertising for corporate giants, running the office at the primary school where both our children attend, to setting up my own businesses selling greetings cards and making and selling art and jewellery.

I am passionate about customer service and communication, how treating everyone as an individual, understanding their needs and how customer satisfaction can build trust in a brand and that loyal customers can be the most important ambassadors for any business.

Andy: I am a professional data obsessive, there is nothing I find more satisfying than being able to answer an important question using data, from our home life to the organisations I have worked for I have used my knowledge of data and statistics to discover important and beneficial insights.

Charlotte: Our skills complement each other perfectly, my customer service and administration skills and Andy's data and analytical ability dovetail to give us the ability to not only help people run their organisations more efficiently and put their customers at the heart of their business but also to measure their activity, make recommendations and allow organisations to experiment with customer facing profiling to adapt to a changing environment and exploit new markets.

Andy: These are exciting times, there are multiple opportunities to uncover and exploit new markets, methods and processes and it needn't break the bank, for every expensive market leader there are many smaller offerings that are more cost effective (often free) that every business should investigate.

Charlotte: So that's us, we have worked across multiple sectors and organisations from private and public, multinationals and family businesses, retail, finance, online only and bricks and mortar companies and we have learned and seen that every organisation can change and improve in a host of different ways. Our mission is to help our clients to be better.

Why pay a full time salary to do each of these tasks when we can do them for you are a fraction of the cost.

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